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Photography by Eva Kolenko

These festive little snacks can be made easily and are a sophisticated savory riff on the campfire treat we all know and love: s’mores. You can use round shortbread cookies or the fat fingers, then top them with Brie or another favorite soft cheese. I like to add a bit of salty prosciutto as a counterpoint to the sweet, buttery shortbread, but you can omit it if you want a vegetarian version. A bit of fruit preserves (or a small wedge of fresh pear, persimmon, fig, peach, or plum) would be a nice addition, added after the snacks come out of the oven.


1 (5.3-ounce) package shortbread cookies (I like Walkers)
4 ounces brie, cut into 1-inch cubes
2 ounces thinly sliced prosciutto di Parma, cut into bite-size pieces

Preheat the oven to 350°F. Arrange the shortbread cookies on a baking sheet in a single layer. Place a cube of brie on top of each cookie and top with a bit of prosciutto, ruffling it slightly. Bake for 4 to 5 minutes, until the brie has melted. Remove from the oven and let cool slightly, then serve.

From The Full Plate: Flavor-Filled, Easy Recipes for Families with No Time and a Lot to Do © 2020 by Ayesha Curry. Reprinted with permission by Voracious. Buy the full book from Voracious, Amazon, or Bookshop.

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  • Although the combination of the brie and prosciutto work well together, the shortbread completely overpowered the snack. None of my guests enjoyed them sadly.

    • Anonymous

    • 2/4/2022

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